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Who is eligible for Rebuilding Together services?

Low-income homeowners, particularly veterans, elderly, physically challenged, and families with children who are not able to do or afford the work themselves are eligible for rebuilding services. We also help the non-profit facilities that serve the community. If you are or know someone who may be eligible, please let us know so that we may help. You can use the contact form on this site.

Questions You May Be Asked

When you are ready to contact to Rebuilding Together Frederick County and apply for assistance for you or for someone else, please be prepared with answers to the following questions that may be asked during the initial interview process.

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Is your name on the deed?
  • Are you planning on selling or moving from this home in the next 12 months?
  • Is there anyone else’s name on the deed?
  • Are you employed?
  • If yes, what is your monthly income?
  • Is there anyone else who lives in the house who is employed?
  • Are you receiving Social Security benefits, SSI, or any other social service assistance?
  • What is your total monthly income?
  • Is your mortgage paid in full?
  • If you still have a mortgage on the home, what is your monthly payment?
  • Is your house in foreclosure or potential short sale?
  • Are you willing to provide to RTFC in documented proof of income of all occupants in the house?
  • What type of work do you want to have done by RTFC in your home?

How to Apply

You can use the following options to apply for assistance or to get further information on the application process. You may also use the contact form for general questions or specific inquiries. We are glad you are taking this important step to finding help.

Download and complete the RTFC Application hereRTFC Application.

Complete the online form below to have us contact you about your needs:

Request for Service

I agree that the information I provide below is accurate to the best of my knowledge and allow Rebuilding Together Frederick County to verify any and all information if necessary.